Follow James as he embarks on a journey of self-discovery alongside his mentor Mr. Solomon.

James, a high school student on Chicago's Southside, grew-up facing adversity that most couldn't even imagine.

Losing his father at a young age, James' journey of living a fulfilling childhood with a drive towards higher education became dismantled. After entering the BAM (Becoming A Man) program within his high school, he was introduced to Mr. Solomon, who faced similar issues growing-up. Through the program, Mr. Solomon and James were able to build a relationship based on emotional trust within each other that allowed James to gain a whole new outlook on life.

"As I started talking to Mr. Solomon, he told me you've got another chance. A renewal."

Strange Loop teamed-up with Uber to produce the documentary campaign promoting their recent partnership with Youth Guidance in Chicago. Youth Guidance helps provide mentorship to hundreds of students at a pivotal point in their life through their BAM (Becoming a Man) and WOW (Working on Womanhood) programs. With director David Huzieran at the forefront, the two companion pieces give a visceral look into the personal relationship between BAM student (James) and his mentor (Mr. Solomon) from each one of their perspectives. Short 15-second promos we're additionally crafted as teasers to the full-lengths. The project captures an authentic look through a meditative lens, guiding the viewer into the life of a Southside Chicago student as he embarks on a journey of self-discovery, fueled by a compassionate mentor relationship. 

The first in the series of two is now live.

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