A reflective and mediative look at Malcolm London: a poet, activist, and musical artist from Chicago, IL

"Some Call it a Conspiracy: A Malcolm London Story," shows how London went from being a recognized poet featured on TED Talks at the age of nineteen, to leading protests in the streets of Chicago and releasing his debut musical album OPIA. The short documentary features notable Chicago figures such as poet and educator Kevin Coval and Chance The Rapper.

Upon its release, the short doc has gained attention from the likes of Pitchfork and Fake Shore Drive.


David Huzieran, Director of "Some Call it a Conspiracy: A Malcolm London Story" had this to say...

“I met Malcolm in 2016 at what I later found out was his first concert. He had just released his Album OPIA which felt like a poetic blend of deep spiritual thoughts, local political commentary, and life lessons of an early 20 something year old who’s ego and heart are both competing for first place.”

The full short documentary, along with bonus content is now streaming on Strange Loop Studios Youtube Channel.