Over the last two weeks Director/Producer David Huzieran and the Strange Loop team, alongside The Uprising Creative were gearing-up for a trip out to New York for the NBA All-Star Weekend, where we had the chance to work on a project for the 30th anniversary of the Air Jordan.

On display at the Jordan All-Star Weekend exhibition at Manhattan’s Pearl Pavilion, we covered “The Last Shot” experience where consumers could step into Jordan’s shoes to relive his iconic shots and “celebrate the Michael Jordan in everyone.”

The technology included thousands of 54-by-54 LED tiles on the walls and the floor, all combining to display 10 million pixels. It is estimated that more than 10,000 visitors went through the space by the end of All-Star Weekend.

Strange Loop manned several cameras which were rigged all around the arena, as well as live directed and edited short videos of each participants experience taking one of Michael Jordan’s most iconic shots to have for themselves and to post to social media.

For more information, check-out this nice write-up on the experience on Wired.