Guy Reid is an award-winning director, speaker and photographer, specializing in eastern philosophy, ecology and sustainable development. He has a masters degree in leadership in sustainable development from London's Forum for the Future, and also studied at SOAS in London with a focus on Indo-Tibetan Buddhism and the relationship between worldview and ecology.

In 2015 he directed his debut feature documentary Planetary, a groundbreaking space and natural history film that challenges and inspires viewers to think deeper about our relationship with planet Earth. Planetary premiered at the SXSW Film Festival, screened at over 25 festivals around the world and went on to have a theatrical and VOD release through Vimeo. For the last eight years he and his crew of collaborators have pushed the boundaries of documentary filmmaking and continue to explore storytelling through other nascent technologies. He is currently working on his next film Orbital (2017) for theatres and large format screens.

We are honored and excited to help build, nurture and challenge Guy's unique vision and and viewpoint on all digital platforms. Please check out his reel to view more of his work.