Chicago based Strange Loop takes pride in discovering and supporting the most visionary talent. 

By aligning our directors with the perfect team, we allow them to cultivate and produce ground breaking commercial and original content. Strange Loop has built strong relationships with agencies, clients and artists by keeping our process cohesive, collaborative and transparent; all while allowing the work to flourish creatively.

We are a full-service production company that creates award-winning commercial and original content for all platforms. Our roster showcases a collection of directors who continuously challenge and enhance the traditional broadcast content mold.

When it comes to creating content, our aim is not to just entertain. We deliver stories that reunite us with the community, each other and ourselves. It's no secret that Chicago is a crucial part of our make-up. That's why we started the Strange Loop Social – an event aimed at helping Midwest creatives share, find and strengthen their voice and vision.

2041 W. Carroll Avenue, Suite C-229
Chicago, IL 60612


Nick J. Santore
Co-Founder / Executive Producer

David Huzieran
Co-Founder / Producer / Director

Luca Valente