Earlier in the year we had the chance to house the team behind feature film “Love Film Festival” and helped produce all of the scenes shot in Chicago, IL. “Love Film Festival” was filmed in four countries – Portugal, Brazil, Colombia and the United States. The movie is a documentary about fictional characters and tells the story of Lucy and Adrian, a Brazilian scriptwriter and a Colombian actor, who fall in love at a film festival in 2009. They have a love affair over six years, always meeting at film festivals around the world. It’s great to see that the film is starting to gain attention as it makes is premiere at the Festival do Rio.

Here is a an excerpt from director Manuela Dias’ interview with Variety Magazine. (See the full article)

Dias’ writing credits include Coimbra’s “Matraga,” which won five awards at the 2011 Rio Film Festival, including best picture.

What motivated you and your directing partners to make this film? How did you split the work?

I was part of the jury at the Guadalajara Int’l Film Festival one year when I first had the idea for ”Love Film Festival” – about a young couple falling in love during a film festival and meeting up around the world over the years. It would allow me to join friends, watch films and travel around the world, which sounded perfect! So I wrote the script and started inviting people.