Montreal’s Fantasia International Film Festival recently concluded its 23-day festival, where Malik Bader picked up the award for Best Director with his US/Albanian Crime/Thriller Cash Only.

Matthew Kiernan, of the Fantasia Film Fest, had this to say about the film:

“This riveting crime drama represents one of the best examples of regional U.S. indie filmmaking seen in some time, representing a unique view of Albanian-American life in Detroit, a world that takes care of its own but also deals with its own brand of violence and revenge. Expertly constructed by director Malik Bader (STREET THIEF) and screenwriter/star Nickola Shreli (equally impressive in both roles), CASH ONLY is both a fascinating microcosm of a society seldom seen in American films and a tense, terrific, increasingly intensely violent crime thriller with a fascinatingly slimy lead character who would have made Detroit’s own Elmore Leonard smile. A lot of indies have tried to do what CASH ONLY does, but this one brings something fresh and unique to the genre that hasn’t been seen in a while. Don’t miss it.”